Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS Service Provider In India

SMSIndiaHUB is India’s Best Transactional SMS provider in India. We are providing Open template and template based Transactional SMS Service with free SMS API & Premium Transaction SMS gateway. Transaction Bulk SMS API can be integrated with website, application and software. SMSIndiaHUB India's leading and fasted growing bulk sms provider and aggregator. We are based in India having physical presence in major cities. With our Premium SMS gateway, you can now design, build, host and operate your own SMS applications!. Transactional SMS Alert Service for Banking, eCommerce, Finance, education(School/College), real estate and much more.
We have multiple Gateway connectivity with major mobile operators to offer web based Premium and non premium bulk SMS solutions for end users as well as HTTP API and SMPP bulk SMS / streaming SMS gateway integration tools for Corporate users. We have a Premium SMS connectivity with more than all the network operators of the world.

Who can use Transactional SMS?

  • 1

    Financial Institutions

    SMS can be Send by Bank | Financial Institution | Insurance Company | Credit Card Company to their Registered Customers.

  • 2

    Hospitality Industry

    SMS can be sent by Railway | Airlines or authorized agencies to passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking | reservation.

  • 3

    Educational Institutions

    SMS can be sent by a registered educational institution like school | colleges to parents or guardians of the students.

  • 4

    E-commerce Industry

    SMS can be sent by e-commerce agencies to consumers for transactions orders, discounts, and promotions.

  • 5

    Information Services

    SMS can be sent by company firm | depository participant | Trading and Bro-king Houses about payment reminders.

Features of Transactional SMS Gateway Service in India.

Delivery Report

Free API Integration

Regional language

Customized SMS

Send SMS 24×7

DND Allowed

Why Transactional SMS Route?

Transactional SMS Routes can be used to send a critical alert or informational messages & since we offer templates based SMS you can be assured about 100% spam free and secure messaging.

  1. Sender ID/Header for Transnational Messages :
  3. Where’A’ stands for the operator code here its “Airtel”
  4. ‘M’ is stands for the service company area here its “Mumbai”
  5. ‘-‘ is the delimiter
  6. ‘ABCDEF’ indicates six alphabets for company or organization sending Transactional SMS
  7. Only one Sender ID is allowed per account & maximum 6 Characters (alphanumeric)
  8. Sender ID is subjected to approval.


Activation Procedure

  • Sign up on our portal.
  • Buy Transaction SMS package.
  • Talk to our sales or support staff for making Transaction SMS Service enable with your account.
  • Fill the NDNC undertaking document (Mention six character sender name only Example: HDFCBK)
  • Share NDNC document with us.
  • Share your KYC Document.
  • Add your sender ID.
  • Add your template Sample Template.
  • Recheck sender ID, templates are approved or not.
  • Recheck you have sufficient credit balance.
  • if all are in your account and active then you are ready to go.
  • For instant assistant please call on +(91) 8305781001 or email:

Terms & Conditions:

  • Agreement copy from the customer (NDNC undertaking form)
  • Identity Proof required like – Driving Licence/ Pan Card/ Voter ID etc.
  • Six Character Sender ID Required from your side which you need to mention in the NDNC Undertaking form. like SMSHUB, HDFCBK etc.
  • Person name cannot be the sender ID… BALAJI, SONALI, SHANKR, RAMESH etc.
  • All Template you need to share with us at for template approval.
  • SMS INDIA HUB will decide which template is transaction or not, SMS INDIA HUB will not approve any non transaction and Promotional SMS template.
  • Transaction SMS to any number should be registered in your database (SQL/mySQL), Registration in Paper, Excel Sheet, Form not be entertain or consider.
  • Please share the screenshot of your Database along with the URL, your database containing, username, name, last name, email, mobile number, date of registration, time etc.
  • Your database cannot be six month old.
  • Spam keywords are not allowed like wishes, winner, won, win, jewelry, lottery and much more..
  • If the customer is a Company then we would require details on how their customers are subscribing or getting registered and one sample of subscription form is mandatory.
  • For Educational Institution, we would require a letter stating that the SMS will be used for update to parents/teachers & students and no Promotional activity will be done from the particular account & this should be on the letter head and in case on any violation what kind of document they can produce one sample document mandatory.
  • For Government Organization, we would require a letter stating to whom the messages will be sent and in case of any complaint what kind of documentation will they be able to provide with one sample mandatory
  • Minimum 3 Sample SMS.( 70% fixed and 30 % Variable – Refer the Sample Templates Sample Link )
  • Setup Fee 25,000 (Refundable Deposit will be applicable) for Open Templates.
  • Violation of the TRAI regulation will attract incremental penalties starting from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 and blacklisting for a period of 2 years thereafter.