Transaction SMS

Transactional SMS Service to send IMP Alerts, Updates, Reminders, EMI Alerts, Parental alerts and much more..

Transaction sms

Usage of Transactional SMS Gateway

Send Educational SMS

Send Parental alerts, School updates, attendance, fees, role number and marks

Financial Alert

Send critical financial alert about credit transfer, EMI update, salary transfer and much more.

e-Commerce Alert

Send order alerts and update to your e-commerce clients like order confirmation, cancellation, order delivery and return.

Retail Store Update

Send latest offers, discounts, Best deal, festival offer and much more to your registered clients.

Booking Confirmation

Send booking or ticket confirmation via sms for event, rail, bus, gas, appointment and events.

Mass Communication

Transaction sms can be used for mass communication by Government, Industry, Organisation.


DND Allowed

You may send transactional SMS on DND Opt-in Data

Customised SMS

Send SMS with customised details like balance dues etc.

Delivery Report

Check confirmation of each sent SMS in SMS Delivery report

Free API Integration

Free API Integration with your software or website.

Send SMS 24×7

Unlike promotional SMS, you may send SMS anytime

Regional language

We support all languages; Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and many more.

Transactional SMS we provide open template and template based Transactional SMS Gateway with free SMS API & Premium Transaction SMS Service. Transaction SMS API can be integrated with website, application and software. We are India’s leading and fasted growing bulk sms provider and aggregator.

We based in India having physical presence in major cities. With our Premium SMS gateway, you can now design, build, host and operate your own SMS applications!. Transactional SMS Alert Service for Banking, eCommerce, Finance, education(School/College), real estate and much more.

We have multiple Gateway connectivity with major mobile operators to offer web based Premium and non premium bulk SMS solutions for end users as well as HTTP API and SMPP bulk SMS / streaming SMS gateway integration tools for Corporate users.

Transaction Bulk SMS Gateway that allow to send Bulk SMS via internet to the people on the handheld device. Transactional Gateway allow to connect api, upload the excel sheet, notepad file to send messages in bulk via pressing few buttons of your keyword.

Why SMSINDIAHUB for Transactional SMS Service?

  • Bulk SMS Priority Route for instant SMS Delivery
  • Free Bulk SMS API Integration with Website, Software and ERP.
  • Online DND Filter – Scrub the Database against the Do Not Call Registry.
  • Send SMS directly from your excel-sheet via Bulk SMS Excel Plugin.
  • Web Based SMS Panel – No download required.
  • Send SMS to all operators GSM/CDMA in India.
  • Check Online Delivery Report and Download in the excel sheet.
  • Graphical View of Delivery Report
  • Create Groups or send SMS to an individual.
  • Excellent and descriptive statistics and reports.
  • Tracks IP Address of the Computer through Message is sent.
  • API IP Validation.
  • Schedule your messages for sending at a later date.
  • Best thing – No technical skills required to operate.
  • Https Login for web and API.
  • Free API Integration with Missed Call, Short Code and Long Code Plug-in.

transactional sms gateway