Send attachments via SMS

We are offering the best-in-business facility to send attachment files: PDF files, Excel & Word files, pictures, and videos for high engagement bulk SMS campaigns.

1) Add download links

2) No extra costs

3) Quickly deliver files

Now, share files via SMS rather than shifting to expensive MMS or Emails

Attach files to your SMS in a few clicks:

Login in your account.

Click on Smart SMS.

Upload the contacts.

Type your message.

Insert your link (PDF, Brochures, Payment links etc.)


Benefits of attachment in SMS:

1. Make unforgettable texts

Attaching visual/audio files will ensure that clients will be able to recall your company.

2. Any Format Accepted

No matter whatever format of file: menus, brochures, spreadsheets or PDFs, it can be sent via SMS files.

3. No extra costs

Attachments in SMS won’t cost anything, only thing you will be paying for is texts.

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