Shared and Dedicated Long Code Service

Shared and dedicated Long Code Service to receive a response from the market via two way communication tool.

Shared and dedicated long code service

Usage of Long Code Service

Lead Generation

Best tool fo lead generation

Coupon Delivery

Delivery online coupon after and receiving a response from user.


Receive online feedback form point of sale.

Free Web Hook API

Connect with your software or application with web hook API

COD Verification

Very useful for cash on delivery (COD) verification

Information Pulling

Pull out the information from the market.

Opt-in List

Grow your opt-in user list within few clicks.

Auto Reply

Setup auto reply sms on each response.

e-Commerce Validation

Validate your e-Commerce users mobile number.


Best tool to get run online subscription.

Unlimited free sub-keywords

Create unlimited free sub-keywords

Live Report

Get live report of all campaigns

Features of Long Code Service

Customer Engagement

Long Code Service is very good tool for customer engagement.

Survey and Feedback

Long Code service is very good tool for Survey and Feedback.

User Registration

Long Code service is best way to verify the user registration. With the help of single text you can enroll new user.

Shared and Dedicated Long Code Service Provider in India

Regional Language

Connect to potential clients in a native language with with unicode sms service for regional languages.

Verification Process

Customer verification is important process of any business and Long Code service play vital role in this process.

Contest & voting

Long Code service is best and cheapest tool for contest and voting.

SMS India Hub is leading Long Code Service Provider in India. The long code is nothing but a 10 digit virtual phone number which help you to receive a response from your target audiences. We SMSINDIAHUB are providing virtual mobile number at affordable price. After the mobile revolution long code service is gaining popularity. To this service you simply need to share your minimum 3 characters keyword. You can also create unlimited sub-keywords. Long code service majorly use for voting and election. We designed cloud based web portal which is fully featured and helps you to communicate with your targeted clients. Long code is two way service and helps you to get real time response from your customer and as in auto reply you can push predefined messages to them. You can download campaign wise report, keyword or sub-keyword wise report in excel-sheet. Our cloud based web portal is easy to use and user friendly so that any non technical person may use easily.

Long Code Service Provider in Mumbai

SMS INDIA HUB is providing best lead generation tool under the single panel which can give you the big corporate look for your business.

You can use Long Code for following;

  • Straight forward, hassle free integration
  • Web-hook / API Support
  • Unlimited Free Auto Reply SMS
  • Unlimited sub keywords
  • Email Alert
  • SMS Alert
  • Live Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Opt-in List Generation
  • Online Coupon Delivery
  • IMP Alert Subscription
  • User’s Registration
  • Information Pulling
  • Call Back Service
  • Cash on delivery (COD) verification
  • Customer Mobile Verification Service
  • Web user Registration Verification
  • E-commerce Mobile Validation
  • Opinion Poll Campaign
  • Live Voting Event
  • Live Event Feed
  • Consumer Survey
  • Client Feedback Report
  • Point of Sale Feed-Back

Long Code SMS Service Provider in India