Bulk SMS HTTP API to send SMS

Bulk SMS enable your Business Applications, Softwares and Website. The Bulk SMS HTTP API Tool allows you to automate the sending and receiving of SMS messages by integrating our SMS services directly with your business applications, websites or other software.

Bulk SMS API service India | Bulk SMS Gateway API provider

Bulk SMS HTTP API to send SMS, HTTP API Gateway

  • Straight forward, hassle free integration
  • All major development environments supported including ASP,PHP, C# etc.
  • Send SMS via HTTP POST, SMPP service
  • Free sample code, hints & tips
  • Free HTTP API and technical support
  • Unicode SMS API.
  • Credit Balance API.
  • Schedule SMS API.
  • Unicode SMS API.
  • Check Delivery API.

Setting up HTTP API

  • Sign-up for a free trial of Web SMS
  • Login to your Online SMS account and send us a support request for activation of API and start sending SMS straight away
  • If you need further help please call us on +(91)8103857676

SMS API With Sample Code.


   ASP.net (C#)



   Java (New)

   Java (Old)

HTTP API Document.

   HTTP API Document.