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How to develop ASP.net (C#) API to Send SMS

using System
using System.IO
using System.Net
using System.Text
using System.Web
string sUser = “USERNAME”;
string spwd = “PASSWORD”;
string sNumber = Session[“Mobile”].ToString();
string sMessage = “Hi Thanks for Signing-up”;
string sSenderID = “WEBSMS”;
string sURL = “http://cloud.smsindiahub.in/vendorsms/pushsms.aspx?user=” + sUser + “&password=” + spwd + “&msisdn=” + sNumber + “&sid=” + sSenderID + “&msg=” + sMessage + “&fl=0?;
string sResponse = GetResponse(sURL);
public static string GetResponse(string sURL)
HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest
request.MaximumAutomaticRedirections = 4;
request.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request
Stream receiveStream = response.GetResponseStream(
StreamReader readStream = new StreamReader(receiveStream, Encoding.UTF8);
string sResponse = readStream.ReadToEnd();
return sResponse;
return “”;

Note: For Transaction SMS Please add additional Parameter &gwid=2

Note: This is to update you that above code has been supplied to SMSINDIAHUB by clients. As such, accuracy is not guaranteed by SMSINDIAHUB.

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