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Must Read Below Text Before Buying any quantity of SMS;

Important Awareness Notice : Be aware do not be Fooled by Fake SMS Companies. It is found that many new as well as some established companies are selling SMS @ very low cost which is below the industry standard, In this regard we will like to reveal the exact trap behind these companies.

Delivery Cut Off System : If you brought 1, Lakh SMS at 5 paisa and when you shoot 1 Lakh SMS or any quantity SMS they will submit only 50% (or less) to the SMSC for delivery and they also update fake delivery reports. Regarding this we humbly request you to please stay away from such companies and do not compare them with us as we are distinctly ahead from them. We always committed to provide industry BEST SERVICE & SUPPORT with competitive and lowest possible price.

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The new regulation – Short Message Services Termination Charges Regulations, 2013 – will be effective from June 1, 2013

In India only few operators which are providing High priority gateway which are TATA, Airtel, Aircel and Low priority gateway are MTNL and BSNL are providing commercial SMPP connectivity to aggregators hence delivery is possible only to these networks.

In this regard we would humbly request you to please stay away from those companies and don’t compare them with SMSINDIAHUB as we are distinctly ahead from them and always committed to provide industry BEST SERVICE & SUPPORT with COMPETITIVE & LOWEST POSSIBLE BEST PRICE.

For more details about Bulk SMS please email us at “info@smsindiahub.in”

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Now send your messages in your regional langauage using special characters..

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Get your clients attracted from messages that are directly prompted on the mobile phone screen.

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Now integrate multiple API with SMPP and HTTP for sending SMS using web and desktop apps.

Scheduled SMS

Send messges to your clients automatically by our scheduling feature if you are not available.

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