How to generate customers opt-in list to your SMS marketing program

How to generate customers opt-in list to your SMS marketing program

If you wanted to grow your opt-in list now its an easy thing. No need to purchase unknown database and doing an SMS marketing on such database, because it might be the waste of money and time too. So, when you are planing to run any promotion campaign, make sure that you should have targeted and valuable subscribers. Following are some tips to get them to opt-in and sign up:

Write quality SMS content

Its very important when you are planning to run any sms campaign and sms campaign is totally depend on quality SMS content.

Keep SMS Content simple and short

While running the sms campaign you also need know the SMS character length. You can send SMS either English or Unicode(Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali and much more…), because in English you can type 160 character including spaces and enter for one SMS. Whereas in Unicode SMS you can type only 70 characters including spaces and enter for one SMS.

When you should run the campaign?

Do you know more 90% text read by the people, so it very important when we should run the SMS campaign because working people they don’t react on your SMS during the work time, morning rush.

Rumors and Myths about Bulk SMS Marketing

Here is one more for you addressing market mis-conceptions.

Even though SMS communication is now one of the most fruitful marketing channels. But as more entrepreneurs are adopting this proven strategy, they’re also being discouraged by certain myths and rumors.

Here, we’ll be looking at 6 common myths about SMS marketing, and we’ll be debunking them with real truths. It is very important that you know these, lest you hesitate to apply a magical strategy due to your fear of problems that never existed.

1. TEXT marketing is a spamming activity:

No, it isn’t, as long as you are following the given below rules:

You have explicitly taken permission from your contacts to fire text messages to them.
You provide an opt-out option in your SMS messages.
You are sending messages from a familiar number.

2. SMS Campaigns = Business Promotions:

SMS don’t always have to be used to send marketing messages or promotions. You can use text messages to get feedback from your customers and to provide better customer service. An Open Market article states a majority of Millennials prefers businesses use text messaging, instead of calling, for customer service because they don’t like to talk on the phone.

3. SMS is impersonal and cold:

Once again, this is not true. It however depends on your message as well as how you present it. If you send a message that does not appeal to the needs of your recipients, expect no responses or results. Likewise, if you send a message that sounds too fake to be true, expect no result as well. Remember, the more you personalize your messages, the better they will perform.

4. Internet marketing is better than SMS marketing:

This may be true to some extent – but only in advanced countries where almost everyone surfs the internet daily.

But in rest of the Nations, a greater fraction of the population does not know how to surf the net. And those who surf the web don’t do so on a frequent basis.

No doubt, the best avenue through which you can reach prospects is by SMS. People take their phones everywhere, and they read all text messages. So, SMS marketing will spread word of your business faster and farther than the highly demanding internet marketing.

5. Only Big Organizations use bulk SMS:

Another common myth about SMS marketing is that it only works for established and trusted businesses and brands. But the truth is, the strategy can work for every business, regardless of the size and age.

The main reason why people read SMS from the “big” businesses is that such businesses are trusted. (Of course, no one would like to do business with an unknown company.) If you start by building trust and establishing your brand, you’ll also get great results from SMS marketing.

6. SMS marketing is interruptive and intrusive:

SMS marketing can be causing disruption or annoyance, when you reach to wrong contacts or when your messages are not valuable. So, make sure every message you send to your recipients delivers a differentiated value. Instead of sending same text messages to all your subscribers, it is highly recommended that you focus on creating highly targeted messages that will interest your recipients.


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SMS promotional campaigns are aimed exclusively at the promotion and marketing of services and products and creating brand value. When sending free bulk SMS messages online, each message may contain a link to unsubscribe from the mailing, allowing the recipient to forward the page with his or her phone number to the page.


Today, mobile marketing is a more important service for advertising any product on the market to increase productivity in companies. When you send mass SMS messages to your customers, you can add customizable information that will be personalized for your recipient. Short SMS numbers are 5-digit numbers to which mobile phone users can send short messaging service messages independently of their telecom provider and which receive the desired answer in seconds.

Once you reach the inbox, you can sell any product or service with short messaging service bulk media in Indore, where you can send Bulk SMS from the website to any mobile phone in India. For example, the service provider offers different add-ons such as bulk SMS excel plugin, bulk SMS, mobile app, another service provider offer, a promising reseller program offer you endless possibilities to make your business communications simple, flexible, productive and easy to carry.

Voice calls enable customers to communicate with their mobile phone numbers anywhere in India, using a fully automated online system to communicate with their previously recorded voice messages.

You can also customize or customize messages with just one click with the Excel SMS plugin, providing its unique feature in the sector of group short message service gateways according to your needs. By incorporating links into the message that can be activated, text messages in bulk can even help to improve conversion rates throughout the customer’s lifecycle – acquisition, engagement, and storage.

Please pay attention to any wholesale messaging service provider offering extremely low prices, as these are usually delivered with low-quality deliveries and false reports.

What is the meaning of prefixes like AM, DM, TD when you receive a sms?

When a person or user receives a sms from any company or institute a sender name displayed along with a prefix is in the inbox. For example – DM-SMSHUB, TD-HDFCBK etc.

  • Sender ID/Header for Transnational Messages :
  • Where’A’ stands for the operator code here its “Airtel”
  • ‘M’ is stands for the service company area here its “Mumbai”
  • ‘-‘ is the delimiter
  • ‘ABCDEF’ indicates six alphabets for company or organization sending Transnational SMS
  • Only one Sender ID is allowed per account & maximum 6 Characters (alpha numeric)
  • Sender ID is subjected to approval.
Operator Code
Aircel, Dishnet Wireless D
Airtel A
BPL Mobile/Loop Telecom L
Idea Cellular I
Reliance Communications R
Reliance Telecom E
Tata Teleservices T
Unitech U




The latter character represents the location of the operator through which the message is received:

Operator Code
Andhra Pradesh A
Assam S
Bihar B
Delhi D
Gujarat G
Haryana H
Himachal Pradesh I
Jammu & Kashmir J
Karnataka X
Kerala L
Kolkata K
Madhya Pradesh Y
Maharashtra Z
Mumbai M
North East N
Orissa O
Punjab P
Rajasthan R
Tamilnadu T
UP-East E
UP-West W
West Bengal V

Difference between Transnational and Promotional SMS route?

Transnational SMS V/S Promotional SMS

Following are the listed differences between Transnational and Promotional routes:

Transnational SMS Promotional SMS
1.  Transaction SMS can be used for sending any type of information & alerts
Ex. OTP, Bank Transactions etc.
1.  Promotional SMS can be used for sending       marketing purposes.
Ex. Sale, offers etc.
2.  Transactional SMS
     can be sent any time (24X7)
2.  Promotional SMS are sent
      between 9 am to 9 pm only
3.  SMS can be sent on registered DND numbers 3.  SMS cannot be sent on DND numbers

What is Sender ID-how to get my sender name?

What is Sender ID?

Sender ID or Sender name is your messages identity from which the message is sent. This ID or name you can choose as per your business name. For example, you go to ATM and withdraw some amount after your transaction immediately you will receive a text with bank name like HDFCBK or ICICBK

Note: Promotional SMS route Support numerical sender ID.

Note: Transnational SMS route support 6 characters alphabetic sender ID in India, example SMSHUB, WEBSMS.


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