Whatsapp API for your businessWhatsapp Business API Solution for Business

Whatsapp business api solution – Now you can easily search for WhatsApp Business API Service Provider in India by SMSIndiaHub to send formal text messages or advertising texts from our user-friendly portal etc. Our APIs conceal the complexity of receiving and computing WhatsApp software so that you can focus on promoting better customer experiences.

Do you want to optimize your messaging strategy to have a better chance of delivery? Use SMSIndiaHub to send WhatsApp Business text messages – with integrated failover SMS system.

Engage in Direct Conversations with an Implied Audience of over 1.5 Bn Customers.

Your clients are already messaging greater than ever! And now you can transform your communications into a competitive differentiator through the energy of actual-time, personalised conversations with WhatsApp Business API Service through SMSIndiaHub, as your dependable partner on WhatsApp Business API Solution Provider in India.

Rich-Text Messages

Enrich your text messages with QR codes, high-resolution pics, audio files, and report sharing for more immeasurable client engagement.

Conversational Interactions

Personalize messages, which are based totally on your audience’s attributes like clients/customer names, previous purchases, and location. It gives a personalized and conversational approach for your messaging. Through which we are enabling a richer clients/customer engagement and thus in building a strong loyalty bond.

Quicker Response Time

Optimize the chat application for not unusual inquiries ensuing in quicker response times and faster time to resolution. In the long run, driving better patron satisfaction.

Ensure Data and Message Security

All communications between the enterpriser and the client/customer are sent through WhatsApp Business API which is extremely secure, imparting tested communication app.

WhatsApp Business Service By SMSIndiaHub

SMSIndiaHub’s advanced solution can without any problems interpret the complicated WhatsApp text messages and help you to automate the conversation or direct the message to an agent.

  1. Service Workflow: Manage conversational chatbots to gather all records.
  2. Integration API: Integrate your devices and gadget to cater clients need.
  3. Chat Interface: Provide live support to your clients instantly.


With the WhatsApp Business API, businesses can create engaging consumer reports and steer a two-manner verbal communication for their own benefits in minutes.

Notify: Send customised notifications eg. Periodic account summary, policy-coverage expiry, shipping tracking info etc.

Execute: To carry out any transactions such as travel bookings, rescheduling a transport and account opening.

Retrieve: To retrieve account info, profile records, product guarantee details, tracking services.

Interact: We help customers and clients with “How to” questions, “I am unable to” concerns, “Can I” clarifications etc.


Thinking for stepping on the WhatsApp Business API without the right techie support or partner can be difficult and complex. SMSIndiaHub is a committed WhatsApp Business API Solution associate, with full technical support, expertise and infrastructure that can help you to reach out to your clients with 24×7 complete support. With approx two decades of experience with cloud messaging services, you can rest assured that all your WhatsApp Business Solution and marketing needs will be taken care of by SMSIndiaHub. Some other highlights are as follows:

  • Reduced time to marketplace

Your time to the marketplace is significantly decreased as our team of specialists can supervise you round the clock and assist you set-up without any issues. We can get your organization WhatsApp enabled in no days and also provide readymade plugins and adapters to speedily integrate WhatsApp services with your commercial enterprise.

  • Best in magnificence WhatsApp Deployment team

All WhatsApp tech abilities will be supported by our technical group without any additional funding. You are provided with complete training, guidance, and hand-held throughout the manner in order that your experience of WhatsApp Business API is clean and hassle-free.

  • Observing

Loyalty is a core value in which SMSIndiaHub operates, all our services are ensured to perform in time due to our very robust tracking processes. We have one of the best NOC teams that operate 24×7 and measure metrics that count number for reliable offerings.

  • Security & Data privacy

SMSIndiaHub is thought for safety and Data privateness, we are one of the few within the industry who boast of an ISO certification or Security and Quality of service. We also have security certifications on the security protocols which ensures that our client/customers information is secured in the great way possible. We guarantee all the records are encrypted in transit and at rest based at the complexities of keys clients provide, simply to make certain that information is decrypted or read-most effective through authorized personnel.


1.Smart Media Messaging

With the option of smart media messaging you may notify, transact and speak with potential clients/customers with the use of WhatsApp’s many highlights are showcased below.

  • Images

Send or receive images (supports JPEG, PNG).

  • Audio

Sending or receiving audio files (AAC, M4A, AMR, MP3, OGG, OPUS).

  • Documents

Sharing files just have become easier. Upload or receive documents using formats such as, PDF, DOC(X), PPT(x), xls(x).

  • Emojis And GIFs

Emote better with emojis and customers/clients can move one step closer and share GIFs too.

  • URLs

Need to share applicable content outside of WhatsApp? Simply share URLs with or without a preview.

  • Events

Maintain a timeline of WhatsApp events and get feedback on sending and receiving events.

  • Location

Does your client need to find a store or a branch? Share and receive locations of a venue.

  • Rich Text Content

Besides messaging clients/customers in regional languages, you can also display text in bold, italics and strikethrough.

2.Verified Business

When you are all set to install a commercial business account, you need to add a number, your website and other details related with your business so that your clients/consumers can access it without any problems. This information has to be authorized by way of WhatsApp to verify the authenticity of the records. The Verified Business status is then indicated with the celebrated green verified icon which is the testament for your authenticity. SMSIndiaHub enables you to obtain this confirmed commercial enterprise icon from WhatsApp so that your account is established and authorized to send messages on behalf of your brand or logo. Once your business is established the Verified Name could be visible in the chat displays and chat list rather than the cellphone range, even in case you do not have the range saved inside the recipient’s contact address book.

3.Privacy and Security

WhatsApp values the privacy and protection of client information. Messages between WhatsApp users are included with a quit-to-cease encryption protocol. In order that WhatsApp themselves and any third party can’t get access to the message. This is done with the use of an encryption key that only the sender and receiver exchange. All kinds of WhatsApp messages, whether it’s group chat or a file, are protected through this protection protocol. For added security, WhatsApp users additionally have the choice to confirm keys and WhatsApp servers have no admission to this information. All message records within the WhatsApp Cloud is transient because WhatsApp does not save messages once they’re delivered.

With a reach of 1.5 billion and counting globally, and 200 million users from India alone. It is WhatsApp’s ambition to end up as the main chat-app-companion of preference for many organizations in the upcoming time. WhatsApp Business API in India can use the platform to pressure conversations, perform transactions and send out notifications to their customers with ease. Add to that rich messaging functions along with images, emojis, area/location and files and you’ve got your consumer’s attention. Link with SMSIndiaHub for your WhatsApp Business API Solution Provider in India to take WhatsApp to whatever category of your business.