What is the character limit for a single sms in English & Unicode?

The difference between English message and Unicode message is that, a single sms in English has 160 characters where as in Unicode a single message has 70 characters.

Why this difference of characters in English and Unicode?

The difference of characters between english and unicode message is because the operator server doesn’t understand other language but only english, when other language is been hit at the operator end they have to encode it first then its been send to the end user. That’s why it has a encryption of characters at the operator end.

Note: When you are sending sms from the dashboard always remove “s” from the “https” and press enter (because the server understand only english language i.e. encode in binary digit) otherwise the end user will be receiving question mark symbol “?”.


Message Length – Multipart Messages :

Standard GSM 03.38 Character Set

Single text messages are limited to 160 characters, including spaces. The maximum length of two-part or three-part multipart text messages is 306 (2 x 153) and 459 (3 x 153) characters, respectively. You could send up to 1000 characters as multipart message which will be split into 7 messages internally. This refers only to messages that contain the standard GSM 03.38 character set.Each multipart text message is limited to 153 characters rather than 160 due to the need for user-data headers (UDHs) information. Mobile phones use UDH information to enable them to link long messages together so that they appear as single SMS messages in recipient’s phone inbox.

Number of SMSNumber of characters in the linked SMS
1160 characters
2306 characters (2 x 153)
3459 characters (3 x 153)
71000 characters (6 x 153) + (1 x 82)
Unicode Characters

Using Unicode, for languages such as Hindi, restricts your message to a maximum of 70 characters per SMS. You can, however, send longer text messages, with our system splitting them into two or at the three separate text messages. The maximum lengths of two-part and three-part multipart Unicode text messages are 134 (2 x 67) and 201 (3 x 67) characters, respectively. You could send up to 500 characters as multipart message which will be split into 8 messages internally.

Number of SMSNumber of characters in the linked SMS
170 characters
2134 characters (2 x 67)
3201 characters (3 x 67)
8500 characters (6 x 67) + (1 x 31)


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