Transaction SMS API – Overview

This page is intended for users, who wish to develop applications using the SMS INDIA HUB – Transaction SMS API for sending SMS. The gateway can be accessed using the HTTP protocol by submitting values by means of the GET Method to the API Server.

  • Using HTTP Protocol API and submitting values by the GET method
  • Using SMS INDIA HUB Web Interface
  • Using MS-Excel Plug-in
  • Unlimited Validity.
  • Using Desktop Application – Dual Messenger
  • Using Android App.

NOTE: Accessing gateway through HTTP protocol is one of the best & the Fastest ways to deliver SMS messages. The SMS INDIA HUB gateway HTTP API can be used to send various types of SMS Messages including simple text messages, flash message etc. This document gives a detailed explanation of how to use the gateway through the HTTP Protocol.


NOTE: For sending any type of SMS message, the gateway requires to be sent various Parameters including username & password for authentication purposes. All the parameters need to be sent via HTTP protocol using the GET method. The number of parameters required depends upon the type of SMS message.

SMS INDIA HUB has developed a Gateway URL for submitting more than one Number at a single hit for faster delivery. You can submit a maximum of 100 Mobile numbers in one hit.

Transaction Single SMS API

Transaction Multiple SMS API,919898xxxxxx&sid=SenderId&msg=test%20message&fl=0&gwid=2

The following are the parameters used:

Parameter name

Parameter Value




your user name



your password



Destination mobile number



Sender ID


This is test sms from SMS INDIA HUB

Msg to be Sent



Flast Message Indicator 1 for Yes and 0 for No