Dear Customers,

Please find below some important information which will help you execute your Campaigns according to the Use case.

1.  Promotional Route is just for Promotions and hence it is not a Priority route.

2.  Transactional Route is a Priority Route as it is related to the Subscriber / User’s Account information like Schools,Banks,Hospitals,Institutes,etc..

3.  Promotional Route is open from morning 9am – 9pm only wherein Transactional Route is 24×7.

4.  There is no Standard Timeline for the Delivery of SMS as such as it depends on various reasons including Technical & Functional.

5.  Normally, 1lac Promotional SMS gets processed in half hour to 45 minutes subject to Traffic and the Status of receivers Mobile.(Switched off,not reachable,Memory full,etc..)

6.  Transactional SMS gets delivered normally between 30 secs to 1 minute,but subject to status of receivers Mobile.(Switched off,not reachable,Memory full,etc..)

7.  Our Users Submit the SMS to our Operator Server & Our Server submits the numbers to individual Operators to whom the numbers belong to.

8.  Then the Individual Operators tries to deliver the SMS to the subscriber.

9.  If the end users Mobile Phone is Switched Off,Not reachable, Memory Box Full,the Operator does re-retry for a defined time post which the SMS is termed as “failed”.

10.The charges in Bulk SMS Industry are for the Submission to the Server and not for the Status like Delivered,Failed,pending.

11. In Promotional Route DND Numbers are filtered before submitting to the server and hence they are not charged.All other numbers will be charged irrespective of their status post submission.

12. As Promotional Route is always high on Traffic,we recommend our users to send / plan the campaign at least 4 hours ahead the schedule.

13. Regarding reports – SMS Sending and Report receiving is a parallel activity at the server level but if the Traffic is high,preference if giving for the SMS submission and not to reports.

14. In such case the reports will be updated after the completion of the said job.

15. Pending Reports – Reports are submitted to our Server by individual Operators and then automatically our Users gets to see the details.

16. If you see some reports are still pending,it means our server has not received any update from the relevant operators(s).

17.There are nearly 100 plus reasons Technically for an SMS getting to be termed as “Failed” which are listed by the Operators.

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Thank You.