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No setup costs | No license costs | No monthly costs | No sender ID cost | FREE Integration Code with 5,000 Credits pack | You just pay a small fee per SMS | Rs.1599/- Onward’s


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5000 – SMS

₹ 1599/-

5000 – SMS Credit

Unlimited Validity

Perfect for start-up

Rate: 0.27

Amount : 1355/-

GST : 18%

Tax Amount : 244/-

10000 SMS

₹ 2899/-

10000 SMS Credit

Unlimited Validity

Perfect for start-up

Rate: 0.25

Amount : 2457/-

GST : 18%

Tax Amount : 442/-

25000 SMS

₹ 6599/-

25000 SMS Credit

Unlimited Validity

Perfect for start-up

Rate: 0.22

Amount : 5592/-

GST : 18%

Tax Amount : 1007/-

50000 SMS

₹ 8599/- 

50000 SMS Credit

Unlimited Validity

Best for Marketing

Rate: 0.15

Amount : 7287/-

GST : 18%

Tax Amount : 1312/-


Free Trial






01 Lac Pack

₹ 16099/-

1 Lac SMS Credit

Unlimited Validity

Perfect for Business

Rate: 0.14

Amount : 13643/-

GST : 18%

Tax Amount : 2456/-

05 Lac Pack

₹ 74499/-

5 Lac SMS Credit

Unlimited Validity

Perfect for Business

Rate: 0.13

Amount : 63135/-

GST : 18%

Tax Amount : 11364/-

10 Lac Pack

₹ 137499/-

10 Lac SMS Credit

Unlimited Validity

Perfect for Business

Rate: 0.12

Amount : 116525/-

GST : 18%

Tax Amt : 20974/-

Bulk SMS Services

Note: Above mentioned Figures are round up.

Note: For 5 Lac and above purchase please contact our sales team at : – info(@)smsindiahub(.)in 


Best SMS Price Guaranteed
We could try to match any price, Just negotiate. We offer India’s most powerful SMS panel with 8 services in 1 panel, which is highly reliable Bulk SMS Platform of current era. Get best Bulk SMS Service with fair price. Our web based panel (software) is 100% free with life time validity along with mobile app and excel plugin. You can also send Bulk SMS from your android mobile phone via using our android based sms application, you can also track the delivery report on the go the with the help of this android applicaiton. We are providing multiple operator connectivity for fast sms delivery and instant delivery report. You can purchase any amount of SMS whenever you required. Try Now!

Transaction Bulk SMS awesome features:

Use India’s most beautiful Bulk SMS Panel with awesome features and plug-ins which gives you the power to send critical sms alerts, informational SMS and updates. You can send SMS, receive SMS or Missed Call on our virtually hosted numbers, send auto reply. Our API’s are most powerful and user friendly, with the help of our ready-made sample api files you can program in any language.

  • Most user friendly user interface.
  • Customized sender ID.
  • Restful API’s.
  • 99.9% Server up-time.
  • Special system for huge campaigns.
  • Instant Delivery with 8 Second.
  • 100% SMS Delivery on live numbers.
  • Send SMS in Group…5 Lakh and more
  • Upload Excel Sheet.
  • No fixed templates , can send any type of msgs without sender id.
  • 24X7 service with Instant delivery of the message.
  • Send SMS in Marathi, Hindi, English and other regional languages as well.
  • Send Schedule SMS
  • SMS Delivery on all Indian Numbers.

Transaction SMS Gateway

  • Best Gateway to sending Alerts/Reminders/Transaction to your registered clietns.
  • 100% Instant Delivery within 5 Seconds.
  • 24X7 Open Gateway.
  • Your own 6 Digit business name- Alphabetical Sender ID, Eg: AM-SMSHUB.
  • SMS delivers on DND numbers also.

Why you should choose SMSINDIAHUB™

SMS Account activationActivation timeGo Live! within 30 seconds and start sending SMS.24 hours account and sender ID activation.
SMS Login ProcessLogin ActivitySimple Sign-up Process.Long registration forms and validation.
SMS API and CodesAPI IntegrationRestful API, connect application, website and software.You need to invest too much time & money on developers.
Technical_know_howTechnical ExpertiseNo technical expertise required.Technical know how required for integration.
Inexpensive, affordable rateInexpensiveLowest rates, zero Setup cost and No hidden fees and best quality.You will either find a provider with high price or a poor quality service.
Customer_supportCustomer SupportDedicated account manager.No one cares about after sales!.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customer Agreement Form copy from the customer NDNC Form
  • Identity Proof required like – Driving Licence/ Pan Card/ Voter ID etc.
  • Six Character Sender ID Required from your side which you need to mention in the NDNC Undertaking form. like SMSHUB, HDFCBK etc.
  • Person name cannot be the sender ID…..like BALAJI, SONALI, SHANKR, RAMESH etc.
  • All Template you need to share with us at support(@)smsindiahub(.)in for template approval.
  • SMS INDIA HUB will decide which template is transaction or not, SMS INDIA HUB will not approve any non transaction and Promotional SMS template.
  • Transaction SMS to any number should be registered in your database (SQL/mySQL), Registration in Paper, Excel Sheet, Form not be entertain or consider.
  • Please share the screenshot of your Database along with the URL, your database containing, username, name, last name, email, mobile number, date of registration, time etc.
  • Your database cannot be six month old.
  • Spam keywords are not allowed like wishes, winner, won, win, jewelry, lottery and much more..
  • Lottery sms completely not allowed if pushed then legal action will be taken.
  • If the customer is a Company then we would require details on how their customers are subscribing or getting registered and one sample of subscription form is mandatory.
  • For Educational Institution, we would require a letter stating that the SMS will be used for update to parents/teachers & students and no Promotional activity will be done from the particular account & this should be on the letter head and in case on any violation what kind of document they can produce one sample document mandatory.
  • For Government Organization, we would require a letter stating to whom the messages will be sent and in case of any complaint what kind of documentation will they be able to provide with one sample mandatory
  • Minimum 3 Sample SMS.( 70% fixed and 30 % Variable – Refer the Sample Templates Sample Link )

Important Awareness Notice : Be aware do not be Fooled by Fake SMS Companies. It is found that many new as well as some established companies are selling SMS @ very low cost which is below the industry standard, In this regard we will like to reveal the exact trap behind these companies.

Delivery Cut Off System : If you brought 1, Lakh SMS at 5 paisa and when you shoot 1 Lakh SMS or any quantity SMS they will submit only 50% (or less) to the SMSC for delivery and they also update fake delivery reports. Regarding this we humbly request you to please stay away from such companies and do not compare them with us as we are distinctly ahead from them. We always committed to provide industry BEST SERVICE & SUPPORT with competitive and lowest possible price.

Our Top Features for Sms Gateway

Unicode Message

Now send your messages in your regional langauage using special characters..

Flash SMS

Get your clients attracted from messages that are directly prompted on the mobile phone screen.

Developers API

Now integrate multiple API with SMPP and HTTP for sending SMS using web and desktop apps.

Scheduled SMS

Send messges to your clients automatically by our scheduling feature if you are not available.

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