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Marketing Tricks to Attract Your Desired Investors

Nowadays equitable marketing strategy is required for any business house or marketers to land customers and as new businesses continue to rise across the globe, favourable marketing strategy is becoming an important factor for attracting investors. Fueled by the digital economy, these new business houses are trying much-needed ways in various types of traditional marketing strategies.

On the otherside of the story, we witness these new businesses gradually establishing some fierce marketing strategy examples with new steps to secure incoming money from potential investors. Now this scenario let marketers to choose appropriate marketing strategy steps if they desire to grab attention.

Here its noticeable that potential customers/investors will not tend to put much efforts for searching for anyone. They’ll just go on finding businesses having a good online presence, something that comes from well-thought-out marketing strategy. Here’s presenting some really amzing tricks to help you develop a fruitful marketing strategy.

1. Strong digital presence
Its important to have a strong digital presence so that anyone looking for investment in your business can eaisly get in touch as you’d not want any potential consumer/investor to spend a whole day roving through the internet for slight glimpse of your brand.

In order to achieve your business’s online identity first important element is your website. This is usually the first thing where clients visit for additional information. But don’t forget to make sure that your website landing page is easy to navigate, mobile friendly and quick to load. Another important element is social media bringing your brand closer to potential clients. But its important to choose most appropriate social media channel from available platforms because you need to be truly relevant to your investors. For instance there are chances of getting more visibility via platforms like Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram rather than Twitter. There’s a ton of other ways like Bulk sms service or Pay per click by which you can boost your marketing strategy but its important to combine both digital and traditional elements of marketing for standing much greater chance of capturing potential clients.

2. Redesign your PR strategy
Other important factor is making sure that your PR strategy is carefully designed and developed for sending right message to potential clients. To accomplish PR campaigns effectively its needed to be supported by adequate digital marketing. The reason behind is that social media shares and referral traffic are best ways to make PR campaigns achieve maximum engagement and reach. Another supporting factor for PR campaigning is paid advertisment strategy on social media, but don’t forget to cover all digital channels which provides higher chance of getting to correct audiences for any PR campaign.

In addition PR strategy needs to backed by press releases, newsletters, or mediakits enlighting current and future objective of establishing your business as a leader but remember to set correct time for your press releases, emails and other elements in order to set the ground for productive conversations.

3. Identify your audiences
This is primarily the biggest task which most business owners need to understand properly as wrong investment platform is destined to fail. Just take a bit time to know your ideal client or investors. Analyze important information like their investments location of investments and investment potential. Also prefer individual decision-makers within these which surely provide your marketing more leverage when they interact with you.

What is bulk SMS messaging & how its beneficial for businesses?

Bulk SMS messaging services is application-to-person SMS messaging. It specifically is sending a large number of SMS to the mobile phones of targeted recipients.

In current scenario application-to-person, SMS messaging services have included bulk SMS messaging alongside the sending of transactional messages (such as otp messages and delivery notification), promotional messaging such as group messaging, mobile marketing campaigns or voting lines.

The defining characteristic of bulk SMS messaging equip various businesses and organisations to make use of one or more bulk sms solutions for sending or receiving messages, namely; mobile application, software programme, web interface, or integrated SMS API. These bulk SMS service providers have SMS gateway to ensure confirmed delivery of messages to any mobile phone number in the world.

These SMS gateways work like a relay between mobile network operators and bulk sms service providers by allowing SMS traffic to be distributed via direct connection to a short message service centre (smsc) of mobile networks and recipient’s mobile number.

Why bulk sms service?

The bulk SMS messaging service is continuously evolving with a new business or client requirement gets identified. It’s beneficial for everyone from large scale businesses to small enterprises, community groups to educational institutions. The bulk SMS service provides a cost-effective solution for managing overall communication with any sized contact groups. But it is also important to comply with the regulations specific to your country and the country where you are sending SMS before commencing with bulk SMS services.

Is bulk sms effective?

As a digital marketing tactic, bulk sms is an ideal way of notifying your targeted audiences about new offerings without using any push-notifications.

In fact, using bulk sms marketing is preferred over email marketing services only because of high response rates and cost-effectiveness when compared to other methods of distribution.


When you have your own business or you are the Marketing manager you always try to find out new ways for the marketing or promotion of your business or products. In India its very difficult to find out the right marketing strategy because investing money on marketing with the non expert marketing company may spoil your company’s brand value. here we are providing you some best marketing tools which are easily available and any one can afford.

Mass Mailing Solutions;

In the current era people are more depending on internet its found 12 times in a day maximum people are checking their emails so you can create some beautiful mailers for your business or products and you can push those mailers to your targeted audiences. Its also very important for your website SEO because you can hyperlink your website with any Image or any Text which can generate daily hits for your website.

Mass Messaging Solutions (Bulk SMS);

What is the best marketing tool in india

The whole world is in your hand. Yes its very true and its possible just because of the latest telecom technologies mainly mobile phones in India 80% people using mobile phones and some companies phones are duel sim meaning there is one person which having two different numbers so what it mean? its mean there is huge scope of mobile marketing and its very cheap and any one can afford it. if we search in the market there is multiple service provider are available who are providing Bulk SMS Services and one SMS cost approx 8 Paisa to 25 Voice which is much cheaper then your TV or Poster ad.

Voice Call Solutions

Yes Voice call solutions is also very good and affordable tool for the marketing specially on those areas where people are not able to read the messages or they do not have the television so we can record our 30 to 60 sec voice clip and that voice clip we can push via (OBD) Out bond dialer. Voice Call Solutions is for effective for the farmers, Villagers.

Missed Call Alert Solutions

Recently Missed Call alert service is very popular for generating new business or leads because very cheap and easy to manage. This solutions generate high quality database along with the geographic location.

Long Code and Short Code Service

Short Code and Long Code both the same services but the charges and end user’s cost is different for more details about short code Click Here and for Long Code Click Here