Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Business Growth

7 Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Business Growth

Increasing the growth rate of a business isn’t easy. It has to be done in steps like having a viable idea, defines the targeted audience, having valuable products and discover a profitable niche.

But whether you’re launching a product or services or information, its required to have right marketing strategies for fueling growth, creating profit and staying afloat.

Its needed to be emphasized that identification of right strategies to market a business is like rocket science. How to reach the right audience? How to increase its visibility and later on increasing sales while sustaining a profit?

Here dilemma is which medium we should be choosing from social media, search engine optimization, blogging and pay-per-click advertising.

The truth is whichever is choosen at this point in business is likely to going to get your business to next level but in one way or other its required to go for other one too that will help fuel our business’s growth.

You have to understand the sole purpose for your promotions and effectively reach wider audiences.

Which marketing strategy is best?

It’s a question for businesses to face a conundrum. The clear need is increasing the business visibility to improve sales. But to get more visibility businesses need to spend some money. But when money runs dry, what are you supposed to do?

There are things one can do, even with a lesser budget, and reach more people without breaking banks. Here we’re going to discuss some-go-to strategies you can use to market any business online.

1. Social Media
Recent scenarios won’t let you ignore social media which is referred as called magic happening. Even some businesses have been relying on the backs of social media.

It can be bit tiresome at first but as you build momentum, you’ll find social media to get easier and easier over time.

Of course, you need to be yourself. Be genuine. Post your thoughts or products or anything that you find relevant for your audiences.

You can also use direct messages on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter to communicate with potential customers.

2. Video Tutorials
Another effective way to get your business more public is by creating video tutorials. The best technique is step-by-step tutorials where people get something useful.

The better tutorials you create, and the more good content you provide, the quicker it boosts your visibility, and ultimately sales.

Nowadays YouTube has become the second largest searching console globally. Its emergence as most effective visual learning source. Even many of us have done it countless times.

So its time to ask ourselves what could one get from your business that would help consumers solve some pain points?

But the toughest part here is seeing your yourself on screen or hearing your own voice. Now, you don’t have to appear on camera, but you’ll like to be heard.

But you can’t ignore the reach & visibility of YouTube so start making useful video tutorials, right now.

3. Search Engine Optimization
This is an area of marketing that’s really incredible, but also many business owners are frightened. Let me tell you SEO is very powerful if you learn to leverage it and with right ways, sky is the limit.

However there are many SEO companies who will teach you to use shady methods and other schemes to “trick” Google which gets you short-term results, but in a longer run, you’ll need to utilize it correctly without taking shortcuts.

The conclusion is you have to put efforts and time if you want to see results.

Some tips for doing this the right way? Search appropriate keywords, create fresh content & most importantly share insightful, engaging and unique posts for social media.

4. Blogging
Yes, you should start a blog immediately if you are not doing it for your business till now! For most of the people blogging is tough since they lack visibility. The truth is that your blog is like barren land unless you don’t know what you’re doing.

You should start focusing on authoritive blogging with the use of websites like Bogger or Medium. Also consider Quora and Reddit for forum commenting, posting links or utilize LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

These are many bookmarking domains/websites to share your links having massive audiences hereby giving instant and immediate reach right now. But remember to ensure effective blogging. Try to post relevant & good content.

Think more about adding value. Give people so much valuable content that you instantly become an authority in people. This is one of powerful strategies you can use to market any business.

5. Bulk SMS Marketing
In recent years, traditional marketing industry have experienced major shift with newer ways opened some innovative gateways for business houses to connect with new customer base along with current ones.

Some of them include tools like virtual reality, digital assistants and sms marketing.

Out of these, bulk sms service have emerged as staple in consumers marketing communications—and will not slow down anytime soon. Prime reason for success of sms marketing is a massive pool of consumers which will be growing upto 813.2 million cellular service users by the end this year.

By utilizing bulk sms services, marketers can ensure reaching and engaging customers where and how they prefer to interact.

6. Email Marketing
Yes, email marketing is not dead! It still can be effective in any good sales funnel. Use your subscribers email list for building strong relationship with your clients. Just be authentic and transparent to convey your messages.

Just keep a track of subscribers response and clicks into your messages. For example, if anyone clicks on specific link in message, they’ve clearly shown an interest in something. keep a record for that subscriber for marketing later on.

Correct identification of subscribers and their interests is huge for segmenting. This will also help you to understand what your audience likes, hereby making you best communicator, and better marketer.

7. Paid/Affiliate Marketing
Another powerful method one can use to market these days are Google Adwords, PPC (PayPerClick), Facebook Ads & Affiliate Marketing. Most people don’t understand the power of paid and affiliate marketing.

Paid mediums can provide massive fuel for growth. But choosing the right tactics & keep budget control isn’t always that easy.

Many of us get discouraged after a few setbacks, but it isn’t allowed to involve emotions getting in the way when it comes to paid/affiliate marketing. so start building paid/affiliate program and start reaching out to potential clients.

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