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How to Develop VB.net API to Send SMS

Imports System
Imports System.IOImports System.Net
Imports System.Text
Partial Class _Default
Inherits System.Web.UI.Page
Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object,
ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
Handles Me.Load
Dim sURL As String
Dim objReader As StreamReader
=”http://cloud.smsindiahub.in/vendorsms/pushsms.aspx?user=” & sUser &“&password=” & sPassword & “&msisdn=” & sNumber & “&sid=”
& sSenderID &
“&msg=” & sMessage & “&fl=0?
Dim sResponse As WebRequest
sResponse = WebRequest.Create(sURL)
Dim objStream As Stream
objStream = sResponse.GetResponse.GetRe
objReader = New StreamReader(objStream)
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
End Sub
End Class

Note: For Transaction SMS Please add additional Parameter &gwid=2

Note: This is to update you that above code has been supplied to SMSINDIAHUB by clients. As such, accuracy is not guaranteed by SMSINDIAHUB.

bulk sms contact

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