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Marketing Tricks to Attract Your Desired Investors

Nowadays equitable marketing strategy is required for any business house or marketers to land customers and as new businesses continue to rise across the globe, favourable marketing strategy is becoming an important factor for attracting investors. Fueled by the digital economy, these new business houses are trying much-needed ways in various types of traditional marketing strategies.

On the otherside of the story, we witness these new businesses gradually establishing some fierce marketing strategy examples with new steps to secure incoming money from potential investors. Now this scenario let marketers to choose appropriate marketing strategy steps if they desire to grab attention.

Here its noticeable that potential customers/investors will not tend to put much efforts for searching for anyone. They’ll just go on finding businesses having a good online presence, something that comes from well-thought-out marketing strategy. Here’s presenting some really amzing tricks to help you develop a fruitful marketing strategy.

1. Strong digital presence
Its important to have a strong digital presence so that anyone looking for investment in your business can eaisly get in touch as you’d not want any potential consumer/investor to spend a whole day roving through the internet for slight glimpse of your brand.

In order to achieve your business’s online identity first important element is your website. This is usually the first thing where clients visit for additional information. But don’t forget to make sure that your website landing page is easy to navigate, mobile friendly and quick to load. Another important element is social media bringing your brand closer to potential clients. But its important to choose most appropriate social media channel from available platforms because you need to be truly relevant to your investors. For instance there are chances of getting more visibility via platforms like Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram rather than Twitter. There’s a ton of other ways like Bulk sms service or Pay per click by which you can boost your marketing strategy but its important to combine both digital and traditional elements of marketing for standing much greater chance of capturing potential clients.

2. Redesign your PR strategy
Other important factor is making sure that your PR strategy is carefully designed and developed for sending right message to potential clients. To accomplish PR campaigns effectively its needed to be supported by adequate digital marketing. The reason behind is that social media shares and referral traffic are best ways to make PR campaigns achieve maximum engagement and reach. Another supporting factor for PR campaigning is paid advertisment strategy on social media, but don’t forget to cover all digital channels which provides higher chance of getting to correct audiences for any PR campaign.

In addition PR strategy needs to backed by press releases, newsletters, or mediakits enlighting current and future objective of establishing your business as a leader but remember to set correct time for your press releases, emails and other elements in order to set the ground for productive conversations.

3. Identify your audiences
This is primarily the biggest task which most business owners need to understand properly as wrong investment platform is destined to fail. Just take a bit time to know your ideal client or investors. Analyze important information like their investments location of investments and investment potential. Also prefer individual decision-makers within these which surely provide your marketing more leverage when they interact with you.

What is bulk SMS messaging & how its beneficial for businesses?

Bulk SMS messaging services is application-to-person SMS messaging. It specifically is sending a large number of SMS to the mobile phones of targeted recipients.

In current scenario application-to-person, SMS messaging services have included bulk SMS messaging alongside the sending of transactional messages (such as otp messages and delivery notification), promotional messaging such as group messaging, mobile marketing campaigns or voting lines.

The defining characteristic of bulk SMS messaging equip various businesses and organisations to make use of one or more bulk sms solutions for sending or receiving messages, namely; mobile application, software programme, web interface, or integrated SMS API. These bulk SMS service providers have SMS gateway to ensure confirmed delivery of messages to any mobile phone number in the world.

These SMS gateways work like a relay between mobile network operators and bulk sms service providers by allowing SMS traffic to be distributed via direct connection to a short message service centre (smsc) of mobile networks and recipient’s mobile number.

Why bulk sms service?

The bulk SMS messaging service is continuously evolving with a new business or client requirement gets identified. It’s beneficial for everyone from large scale businesses to small enterprises, community groups to educational institutions. The bulk SMS service provides a cost-effective solution for managing overall communication with any sized contact groups. But it is also important to comply with the regulations specific to your country and the country where you are sending SMS before commencing with bulk SMS services.

Is bulk sms effective?

As a digital marketing tactic, bulk sms is an ideal way of notifying your targeted audiences about new offerings without using any push-notifications.

In fact, using bulk sms marketing is preferred over email marketing services only because of high response rates and cost-effectiveness when compared to other methods of distribution.

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Rules for creating successful SMS Marketing campaign

The ever-changing business scenario in 2019 has lead business houses to consider implementing SMS marketing as part of overall marketing strategy. But there are rules to follow in order for each of your SMS campaigns to be successful. In this post, I will inform you of the rules we encourage customers to adopt as often as possible when building your SMS marketing campaign:-

Rule 1 – Provide valuable information/offers
Every business house must emphasize on the point that consumers seek valuable information/offers. So make sure that SMS sent to clients should provide valuable information or offers that’s hard to resist. This strategy will encourage them to checkout, visit your website, call or email you!

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Rule 2 – Text should start with information/offers
Its mandatory to keep your text message marketing concise and to the point. So placing your offer at the beginning of the message grabs maximum attention from audiences who are generally very busy and look to getting the point straight away

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Rule 3 – Make it exclusive
Another good strategy is to make your audience feel they are part of something special by offers which seems to be exclusive to person reading and receiving it. So keep in mind that making sales via SMS is all about ensuring your feel special and valued.

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Rule 4 – Sense of urgency
Creating a sense of urgency amongst your audience can fulfil business requirements like rising footfall, website visits and revenue. Any offer availble only for a limited time lead audiences to take time out of their day and take a good look on it.

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Rule 5 – Call to action
In order to lead a customer into sales funnel just include a call to action as vital part in your sms marketing campaign. Just remember to keep your call to action clean, simple and easy to follow.

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Rule 6 – Use brand name
Make sure that your audience should know sender of sms. For this use your brand name in sender ID, but people emphasize more on reading when they receive the text, so it’s required to fit a brand name in the body of the text as well.

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SMS Marketing: Definition and Working Benefits

SMS (short message service) is a way of communication via mobile phones which has been rated as one of the most effective techniques utilized by over 4.68 billion people across the globe.

Now its easy to understand why SMS Marketing is becoming so important for marketers to utilize these permission-based messages to spread promotional information.

Why choose SMS Marketing?

The purpose of SMS marketing is creating a substantial database of subscribers for increasing customer loyalty. As a close range marketing tactic, sms is an ideal way of notifying your close vicinity people about new offers that are without using any push-notification applications.

It can also be utilized for sending reminders about upcoming events or clients to start polling about their opinions rather than informing about upcoming deals only.

In fact, SMS marketing is a preferred way other than email marketing or push-notification services only because of high readability & response rates. Another important factor is cost-effectiveness when compared to other methods of distribution.

How Does It Work?

For creating a subscriber database to receive new product updates or special text message or more information, clients should opt-in to an automated system by texting initial shortcode.

When this short digit code is texted, user’s phone number is stored in the database of SMS marketing software which is sending promotional sms.

These sms delivery software provide easy options for managing the created lists so the relevant text messages can be sent to only those who are most likely to convert.

Another important fact to note is that these shortcode responses are usually sent as confirmation receipt for opting-in for potential future subscribing.

SMS marketing has emerged as the best channels for communicating information to your customers in a cost-effective manner but it’s important to utilize it correctly so it can help you with your marketing needs.

Become white label SMS reseller in 2019 with your own setup

Bulk SMS service has emerged as an important aspect of marketing in 2019.

The primitive reason behind such huge success is the hit-rate as 98% of SMS messages are opened and read by the recipient within five to ten seconds apart from emails offering 20% average open rates in about forty-eight hours.

So if you want to make sure that your marketing text is seen by the highest percentage of people in the targeted database – choose bulk sms service every time.

Not only bulk sms marketing is much cheaper than advertising in TV or Radio, bulk sms messaging is a great way to expand your business clientele and also generate a good income by offering best sms marketing and customer engagement platform to your customers!

Why choose SMS reseller as your next business move?

The biggest advantage of becoming a bulk sms reseller in partnership with SMSIndiaHub is having a significant additional income and stand apart from other bulk SMS providers and resellers with our unique bulk sms software that your customers will surely love.

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All our white label SMS reseller package come with all kind of sms marketing solutions like promotional sms, transactional sms, missed call alerts alonged complete support from our team who are always ready to assist in any issues you may encounter and we ensure that all services are provided to clients without any restriction.

The above-described benefits are really effective for you to start bulk sms reseller business if you are looking for a stable career option in 2019. So start now!

6 Best Techniques For Bulk SMS Marketing in 2019

The major purpose of using Bulk SMS Services is reaching out to people & SMS Marketing provide you reach which is exactly what a business house needs. So make no mistake of not adding Bulk SMS to your campaign arsenal.

1. Customers sign up should be mandatory

Communicate and make a list of customers who have ‘signed in’ for bulk message service from your company.

2. Use an easy messaging format

The availability of characters in SMS Marketing is only 157 characters- which means you have to keep things specific & simple.

3. Use “call-to-action” 

Making “call-to-action” (CTA) in every sentence is another thing to do, for example: “Sign up today and receive 50 free sms.

4. Don’t be a spam!

Never use irrelevant promotional text messages on personal phone numbers of customers. This will increase their trust in you.

5. Use a shortening service for links

Don’t forget to use a link shortening service such as or Google’s link shortener in your bulk sms campaigns.

6. Timing is important

It’s important to pay attention when you send messages as most people open Text SMS messages immediately.

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How bulk sms will play crucial role for marketing in 2019

In 2018 marketing industry experienced some major changes as new & innovative platforms opened primitive gateways for businesses to connect with prospective customers along with current ones. However tools like virtual reality, digital assistants created a lot of hype, marketers identified that “traditional” platforms like Bulk SMS Service are most effective.

Bulk SMS become a staple in many consumers’ marketing communications—and this isn’t slowing down anytime soon. A recent study forecasts that nearly 813.2 million Indians will be mobile using cellular services by the end of 2019, and this number will only grow By taking advantage of this massive pool of consumers, businesses ensure they’re reaching and engaging customers where and how they prefer to interact.

Get valuable engagements

The bulk messaging platform creates a unique opportunity for businesses to directly engage with consumers, whether it’s quickly resolving consumer service issue or just to receive more details about upcoming products. The advantage of SMS service is interpersonal quality since consumers have already used the messaging platforms to communicate with friends and family.

In addition to promotions bulk SMS service providers are offering 24/7 support, SMS API integration and managing and resolving simpler customer situations or issues to ensure valuable consumer engagement resulting in long-term loyalty.

Create new opportunities

Bulk messaging service is emerging as a quick platform for companies to share updates about products. Now people looking for related services or products can easily choose one they’re considering which creates an opportunity for instant services.

This kind of enhanced bulk messaging feature results in a real, measurable value for brands that use messaging apps and for helping shoppers naturally discover and purchase new products.

Reach new customers

Bulk messaging improves engagement which is an important goal for marketers, but this doesn’t just include interacting with current customers but created user-base on bulk SMS platforms lead marketers to reach new clients who are interested in their brand.

Another aspect is data security since the current marketing realm is hugely emphasized on privacy as consumers are quite sensitive about data misuse. By choosing the right bulk SMS platform, brands can be assured about staying in boundaries when collecting or analyzing user data.

To conclude we can say that 2019 will be the year for business marketers to recognize that investing in the newest technologies isn’t necessarily the best route to engaging customers. By instead putting resources toward bulk SMS services, which are steadily growing in popularity, brands can achieve all their customer engagement goals in a new year.

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Unfolding the Future of Bulk SMS Services in Chennai

As 2018 is about end in a few days we have witnessed SMS marketing emerged as preferred communication channel for brands & trend is expected to continue in 2019 The bulk sms service provider with premium OTP messaging platforms have strengthened their standing in various consumer segments also creates higher competition between companies for being the best bulk SMS service provider in India.

The text messaging platform has continued to maintain its positioning as the most popular means of communication especially in the context of bulk sms price. While the current mobile scenario is brimming with mobile devices and various operating systems, bulk sms in India is one channel promising timely delivery of information. Here are our predictions of what brands may expect from bulk sms service providers

Sms service will continue to grow higher
Despite numerous predictions, there is no denying the fact that SMS marketing is here to stay regardless of what future may unfold. The channel is becoming more relevant in the Indian context, whether it’s a metro city or any remote location. Even the bulk sms services in Chennai make it the best bet for businesses looking for optimum and cost-effective marketing channel.

Multi-channel approach
In past few years, sms marketing in Chennai has been becoming immensely popular instead of multi-channel marketing since brands are making their presence felt across a wide selection and letting sms gateway providers in Chennai to consider email or social media campaigns with SMS.

Consumer satisfaction decides the future
While blasting text messages at random worked in the favour of both brands as well as bulk sms services in Chennai, the coming time indicates the advent of bulk sms service that’s precise, contextual and relevant. Companies would act to facilitate consumers with free bulk sms or bulk sms software free download in Chennai to provide high-quality service at budget-friendly prices. Moreover, they are looking to capitalize on the popularity of bulk sms service in Chennai, Tamil Nadu as a more efficient and streamlined medium to better engage with the prospects. Its also going to be interesting to witness how the ambitious brands are going to utilize the potential and prowess of Bulk SMS in their favour.

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