Importance of Short Codes

Short Codes, Short CodeEach one of us are aware of SMS voting. The growth in the number of reality TV shows has resulted in a tremendous growth of SMS voting. Most TV channels use SMS voting as a tool not just to learn about the public opinion but to also gain some additional revenue when they use certain short codes for their respective reality shows. SMS short codes are easy to remember digits that are quite commonly used in mass marketing, SMS voting, grievance companies apart from various other uses. There are many small and medium sized companies who also use SMS short code services to inform their prospective clients about ongoing discounts, offers apart from live chatting with their clients and handling payments.

When it comes to quick feedback, nothing comes as close to SMS voting offered by SMS short code services. It is also easy to analyze the results as you have a clear idea of who has sent the message and from what part of the country is it coming. It is an effective way to strengthen client-customer relationship. Different firms use different short codes for their purposes. A short code is basically a four to five digit number, which is easy to remember. SMS short code service is cost-effective. You do not have to pay anything for the general receipt of SMS application. However, there are some exceptions. Services like live sports news, astrology and daily new alerts come with a reasonable fee. Short code 56161 or 56767 is so common

When you look to hire any SMS short code provider, ensure that the number provided to you is distinctive and not used by another firm currently. It always helps to verify the short code to ensure there is no goof-up in the long. You can also opt for dedicated short codes that come with a premium amount. The cheaper random codes are allotted in a random way.

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