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Relevancy of Bulk SMS Marketing In Promotions Today

Every organization in the business world today have to opt-in promotion strategies otherwise its impossible to reach targeted audiences and bulk sms gateway and promotional message technique benefited several business houses tremendously.

Nowadays bulk sms is one of the best channels for communicating information to your potential customers in a cost-effective manner and reputed bulk sms service providers are offering state-of-the-art SMS gateway software and texting services. The bulk messaging services have helped business to reach a huge audience in cost-effective ways. It also helps you to redefine traditional ways of marketing with the best services.

The bulk messaging software is one of the easy-to-use, a multi-channel platform for prompt and effortless communication with clients. This messaging software is getting much popular because of the capability to reach people at fastest pace possible. With bulk sms software one can easily brand themselves by sending customized messages with brand names and multiple information like contact number or shorten URLs, one can send these promotional or transactional SMS to list of a mass of mobile numbers via excel plugin which is said to be the most favourable and time-saving manner.

Another important factor in the popularity of Bulk SMS Marketing is enabling business and marketers to send text messages in reasonable pricing across any demographic location in the world reliably. One can use SMS solutions to blast messages through an exceptionally user-friendly platform.

The biggest advantage here is the sustainable growth rate like catalyst without any stress. So next time if you want to promote business, choose bulk messaging services which comes with the assurance of instant delivery, cheapest pricing and a wide range of plans to fulfil specific promotional requirements. The best part here is needed pieces of equipment like working internet connection with any laptop, desktop or internet-ready mobile phone anywhere and anytime.

In the end, every organization in the business world today have to opt-in promotion strategies otherwise its impossible to reach targeted audiences and bulk sms gateway and promotional message technique benefited several business houses tremendously. If you happen to meet with a service provider offering the bulk SMS service and offering very lucrative deals with the Promotional and Transactional SMS facilities, you may seriously consider registering your business of Bulk SMS Gateway with the provider.

What is bulk SMS messaging & how its beneficial for businesses?

Bulk SMS messaging services is application-to-person SMS messaging. It specifically is sending a large number of SMS to the mobile phones of targeted recipients.

In current scenario application-to-person, SMS messaging services have included bulk SMS messaging alongside the sending of transactional messages (such as otp messages and delivery notification), promotional messaging such as group messaging, mobile marketing campaigns or voting lines.

The defining characteristic of bulk SMS messaging equip various businesses and organisations to make use of one or more bulk sms solutions for sending or receiving messages, namely; mobile application, software programme, web interface, or integrated SMS API. These bulk SMS service providers have SMS gateway to ensure confirmed delivery of messages to any mobile phone number in the world.

These SMS gateways work like a relay between mobile network operators and bulk sms service providers by allowing SMS traffic to be distributed via direct connection to a short message service centre (smsc) of mobile networks and recipient’s mobile number.

Why bulk sms service?

The bulk SMS messaging service is continuously evolving with a new business or client requirement gets identified. It’s beneficial for everyone from large scale businesses to small enterprises, community groups to educational institutions. The bulk SMS service provides a cost-effective solution for managing overall communication with any sized contact groups. But it is also important to comply with the regulations specific to your country and the country where you are sending SMS before commencing with bulk SMS services.

Is bulk sms effective?

As a digital marketing tactic, bulk sms is an ideal way of notifying your targeted audiences about new offerings without using any push-notifications.

In fact, using bulk sms marketing is preferred over email marketing services only because of high response rates and cost-effectiveness when compared to other methods of distribution.


Why SMS Marketing Should Be Prefered Over Email Marketing?

There was a time when the concept of email marketing proven itself to be longstanding and effective, however, scenarios changed with the introduction of SMS marketing, as more number of users started moving towards the latter one. The primitive reason for the success of SMS marketing has been obvious and effectual. This form of digital marketing service has more offerings to marketers as compared to other forms in which hardly any business shows interest these days. Here we’ll discuss a few of several important reasons to why you should prefer SMS over email.

1) Prompt
The biggest advantage of SMS is awesome ratio of response rate. Nowadays people are much active on social media which keeps mobile phone handy. So its undoubtful about message being unread by the users.

2) Easy & Precise
The high ratio of messages delivered through email marketing are marked as spam whereas text messages are often sent to inbox. Another factor is SMS are limited to 160 characters due to which information contained in them is crisp and concise. SMS marketing is usually done at a time convenient for the users as compared to Email marketing.

3) Targeted Everytime
Suppose you have introduced a new brand in your existing product, and for marketing purpose you conducted a survey and found out that there are multiple groups in which consumers are divided. On the basis of this information, you can send targeted SMS to only those group. This targeted marketing will give you huge edge in advertising.

4) Flexibility
Another feature of SMS marketing is flexibility in operations since changes can be applied at anytime of the day. For example, if you decide to offer mid-day discount to customers on products in that case, bulk SMS can be sent to the customers conveying the announcement of the offer.

5) Brand recognition
Biggest advantage is the ability to recognize your brand in a better way if customers are updated constantly about product information, discounts, offers. Your brand will have good recognition through bulk sms marketing as compared to email marketing in which people ignore announcements considering it another spam message.

6) Multichannel
SMS Marketing is only marketing channel which is done two-way herby encouraging customer feedback with the usage of short code sms and long code SMS service and keeps the customer engaged in the product.

Conclusion: There are several reasons to use SMS marketing rather than Email marketing, above listed are only a few of them explaining how SMS marketing is better than email marketing. Not only that, you can use promotional or transactional SMS for delivering information to your customers.

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